Kiraly pleased with how USA responded to adversity in final two games


Kelsey Robinson receives.

Nagoya, Japan, September 6, 2015 - The United States beat the Dominican Republic 3-0 on Sunday and coach Karch Kiraly was pleased with the way his team responded to adversity after losing to Russia on Friday.

USA coach Karch Kiraly: The Dominican Republic is a strong program. We know each other well being in the same region. I'm happy with the way we came back from a tough loss to Russia to win our final two matches here. When I took over I tried to instill the concept of team - like a second family. Choosing your words carefully and celebrating our successes. I want the players to play freely - letting it rip as we say in English. Playing without fear. We have the chance for the bronze medal here. We will be happy to stand on the podium at the end of a difficult tournament.

Dominican Republic coach Marcos Kwiek - This was our last match of the tournament. We have an important Olympic Qualifying Tournament in our region. Today we had strong service pressure so we could not play our game.

USA captain Christa Dietzen: We are very happy with the win. We know the Dominican Republic has improved its offense in the past couple of years. They are playing faster now. We tried to serve away from their great libero. We train at a high level. These are long tournaments and our staff does a great job preparing us for them.

USA player Alisha Glass:This has been a long tournament. Some matches went our way, some didn't. I'm proud of the way we came out and played this match.

Dominican Republic captain Prisilla Rivera: This was a very intense match. We did not receive well. It was difficult to attack. We have to practice and work harder. We could not pressure them with our serves. Their serve reception was much better. We will now prepare for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in our region.

Dominican Republic player Brayelin Martinez: We could not make the match the way we wanted. The U.S. spikes were high and very good. Now we have to prepare for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament.


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