Marichev says small margin separated winners from losers at World Cup


Kseniia Ilchenko receives against Algeria.

Nagoya, Japan, September 6, 2015 - Russia defeated Algeria 3-0 on Sunday and coach Yury Marichev said he thinks there was a small margin between the winners and losers in the tournament.

Russia coach Yury Marichev: Yesterday we had a regrettable loss. We wanted to wipe away the bad atmosphere from that and we did today. I thank my players for their efforts and I believe they played 100 percent here. We had many players retire from the Russia team and the young players have grown to replace them. I think all the strong teams here had a chance to win and only a small difference separated the winners from the losers.

Algeria coach Henni Abdelhalim: It's the end. I was hard for the young players. We will take the good experience from here. Our other team is now in the African Games. I hope we can take 4-5 players from this team and combine with the other team for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in October. I thank the Japanese for their organization of this tournament.

Russia captain Ekaterina Kosianenko: Today I'm happy we won the match. Many people were kind to us throughout the competition including the fans and I would like to thank them. We have made progress with our defense here through practice.

Algeria captain Silya Magnana: Russia is a good team. Their serves were good and their blocks were high. It was tough for us to get points. We hope to take the experience from this tournament and be better in the future.


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