We played much better in the third set: Algeria captain


 Matsumoto, Japan, August 24, 2015 – Korea defeated Algeria 3-0 (25-8, 25-9, 25-19) on the third day of the FIVB World Cup at Matsumoto City Gymnasium on Monday.

Algeria captain Silya Magnana: We didn’t play well in the first two sets but after changing players for the third set our performance was better. In the last set, we played much better than we had in the past couple of days.

Algeria coach Henni Abdelhalim: Today’s match was similar to the China game; they have the same style. I know today it was Korea’s second team but our goal is to use all our players so that we can make a team in the future. On a positive note, we used our second setter in the third set and she played well and that’s good for us. 

Korea coach Lee Junghchul: In today’s game, I was able to use players who didn’t play yesterday. We have to play a lot more games but I think now all the players can be ready to handle these matches. Tomorrow is a rest day and we want to have a good rest so that we can be more prepared for our matches against some very strong teams. In our next game against China, I think the combination between our setter and Kim Yeon Koung will be important. I’m also counting on Kim Heejin to get points for us.

Korea captain Kim Yeon Koung: I’m very happy with the win and the fact that many different players were able to play. We have some important matches coming up and we need to prepare for them.

Korea No. 1 Lee So Young: Today I was nervous but I think I was able to play well. If I have another chance to play, I hope I can do well. 


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