Teams aim to take their game a notch higher in Komaki


The coaches of Argentina, Cuba, Kenya, Korea, Peru, Serbia expressed that they aim to take their game a notch higher when the third round of action of the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup resumes on Friday, September 4.

Komaki, Japan, September 3, 2015 - Site B teams Argentina, Cuba, Kenya, Korea, Peru, Serbia converged in a press conference held in Nagoya, and shared their views on the final stretch of the competition of the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup on Thursday.

Argentina coach Guillermo Orduna: “We’re very happy to be in Nagoya. Our purpose is to better our position as a team. We want to play our volleyball against some very strong oppositions here and hopefully win the South American Olympic qualifiers.”

Cuba coach Roberto Garcia: “I think the participants here can be put into three categories - high level, middle level and lower level - the last one which includes my team. I hope that my each of my players will grow in this tournament. I hope we also grow as a team. We will have three matches in the third round, including two against very strong teams. I hope our experience here will help us win an Olympic ticket to the Pan American competition later on."

Kenya coach David Lungaho: “We are very happy to be in Nagoya for the third leg of the World Cup. We came here wanting to perform very well and I believe we’ve given a great fight in all the matches that we’ve played, and now our focus is on our remaining matches. Our big aim is to make sure we play very well and give our players the much-needed experience. So far, so good because we gained a lot. For this tournament, it was good practice for us to qualify for the Olympics. The Olympic qualifications are will be in December or January so I believe the experience here will enable us to qualify for the Olympics. In our remaining matches, we want to give our best and enjoy the games.”

Korea coach Lee Jungchul: “This is a 16-day competition with many matches, including many tough ones. Our preparation time was very short for this tournament and we didn’t have much practice. In addition, one player has already returned home. We would like to continue doing our job in the third round. It has been a great experience for our younger players and we will get more in the coming days, and I hope we will be able to gain an Olympic berth next year.”

Peru coach Mauro Marasciulo: “I think in this third round the group is well-balanced. We’ve played Argentina and Cuba in the past, so we know each other in terms of what we can do. The third round is important for us. The players have grown in this competition and gained some good experience. I think overall we have achieved our goal, but we hope to aim higher in the coming round.”

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: “I would like to say we are very happy to be in Nagoya again; we feel very comfortable here. We have very nice memories from our first World Championship in 2006, which was in Nagoya. I must be very satisfied about the first two rounds. We played very well and at a high level. Now in this last round we will play against three more strong teams – Cuba, Kenya and Argentina – and I hope we can keep the same level as before.”


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