Marichev: We still have tough teams to face in the competition

Tokyo, Japan, August 27, 2015 - Russia won 3-0 over Cuba and swept the first round of the FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup but coach Yury Marichev does not want his team to take it easy in the competition.

Russia coach Yury Marichev: "I believe we were able to achieve all of our goals today. Cuba are a good team and I'm looking forward to their future. We are in first place but it doesn't mean anything as we still have strong teams to face.

Russia captain Ekaterina Kosianenko: Today is the last match in Tokyo and we played these matches well here. Cuba also played well. We have to rest and play stronger teams in Sendai.

Russia player Natalia Malykh: "I'm happy about today's game. They were a strong team and we played well. I think all of our team members played well."

Cuba coach Roberto Garcia: "Every time we play against a big team it is a positive experience for us. Our goal was to receive at 45 per cent and attack at 40-45 per cent, but it was tough to reach this. Our libero made a lot of mistakes. Overall I thought we played well and scored a lot of points on blocks."

Cuba captain Sulian Caridad Linares Matienzo: "I knew that Russia were a strong and high-level team. Their block were really good. We just weren't strong enough against them."


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