Yan salutes teammates, says 'I am in love with this team'


Yan Ni speaks at press conference.

Nagoya, Japan, September 5, 2015 - China beat Russia 3-1 on Saturday and player Yan Ni saluted her teammates and said, "I am in love with this team."

China player Yan Ni: Everybody played brilliantly. I feel very proud. I am in love with this team. Before the match we received many instructions in practice that had an effect and worked well. Both our young and old players played well and helped each other.

China coach Jenny Lang Ping: It was a touch match. Russia played well. In the end we were able to grasp the chances. It's to early to rejoice because we have a match tomorrow. It was an important match so I used more experienced players and the young players. The last three matches are important, so I have been treating them like a quarterfinal, semifinal and final.

Russia coach Yury Marichev: China is very good and they played with passion. We played the USA yesterday and China today. The schedule was not in our favor. Schedule wise China was in a more favorable position. If we played them tomorrow we might have had a better chance.

China captain Zeng Chuniei: I'm very happy to have won. The last two sets were tough. I'm very proud. What we achieved by becoming united was a great thing. Tomorrow is the last game so we have to keep calm and play seriously. Experienced players have ups and downs, it's important to follow each other. Technically I receive support from the young player and that spirit is important.

China player Zhu Ting: Everyone in the team played well, not just the starters. All 14 players played well. I am recovered from a foot injury I had previously.

Russia captain Ekaterina Kosianenko: It is a disappointing result. With both blocks and attacks we could not do what we wanted. We tried until the end but could not win. China has a very strong serve. Their high block gave us a tough time. We wanted to play like we played yesterday.


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