Our players helped each other: China coach Lang


Matsumoto, Japan, August 26, 2015 – China overcame Korea 3-1 (23-25, 25-15, 25-20, 25-23) at Matsumoto City Gymnasium on Wednesday, the fourth day of the FIVB Women’s World Cup.

China coach Lang Ping: Every day we have games and sometimes we are faced with difficult situations but we want to keep improving, and it’s very important for players to get experience. We have some young players and they sometimes face tough situations but they have to be able to show their abilities in the games. It’s also important that the team members help each other and I was able to see that today. Working together as a team is very important.

(Re. starting captain Zeng Chunlei on the bench): I think we have to try different lineups; in the second set we had to change back. We had one player (Hui Ruoqi) fall sick just one day before our departure so there was no way we could organise a team plan, so we’ve had to do it during the tournament. We’ve had lots of difficult moments, but it’s good for the players to have to make adjustments. And the coach has to learn to make different lineups, too. In the later matches, this will give us more choice.

China captain Zeng Chunlei: Today we could win and I think we did well, but the Korean team also played well. But there were some parts that we didn’t do so well. The important thing is to try and maintain a high level of play and motivation, and to keep improving.

(Re. injury to Zhu Ting): I think after she came back on, the players were encouraged. But when these things happen, it shows you can’t rely on one player; you need to be prepared for all situations.

China No. 9 Zhang Changning: We were able to win but it was a difficult match. I think I failed on some of the important points but it was good experience for me and I want to keep on improving. In practice, I’ve learned different positions – left and right – but I need to improve my play. But I’m getting used to playing in different positions. I don’t have experience of taking part in international tournaments so sometimes I’m faced with situations I haven’t experienced before, so I hope I can improve with each match.

Korea coach Lee Jungchul: We almost had a chance to go to a fifth set but didn’t quite make it, but the combination between Kim Yeon Koung and the other players was better. As for my setters, I look at their movement. Sometimes one is better, but I mainly look at their movement. We used Kim Yeon Koung a lot today, but that was the decision of the setter. We did our best but our opponents were stronger. We’ve had four games so far and Kim Yeon Koung is getting into better shape.

Korea captain Kim Yeon Koung: I’m very sorry we couldn’t win today but I think we’re getting better.

Korea No. 4 Kim Hee Jin: We were almost able to win today but we didn’t, so I hope tomorrow we will be able to play better. 


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