We're trying to concentrate on our game: Lang


 Matsumoto, Japan, August 23, 2015 – China overcame Algeria 3-0 (25-5, 25-11, 25-8) on the second day of the FIVB World Cup at Matsumoto City Gymnasium on Sunday.

China coach Lang Ping: Today, we were trying to concentrate on our game and I used some players who are not always regular starting members, but I don’t regard them as back-up players. I think our reception, serves and attacks are all things that can be improved, so we need to practice those. Tonight we have a meeting to prepare for our match against USA, who we think are the strongest opponents we will face. The most important thing is for us to play our game. We’re all hoping for a good result, but how we play is most important.

China captain Zeng Chunlei: We are happy with the win today. We tried to work some things out and we were able to learn some things, but we also have points that need improving.

China No. 7 Wei Qiuyue: I think all the players have been able to get more experience and that will help us improve in our future games. I didn’t play after the World Championship and my recovery from injury hasn’t been completely smooth, so it’s been tough, but with the support of our coach and the players I’ve been able to get this chance and I’m happy to play in this tournament. I’m not at full fitness yet, but I hope things will get better.

Algeria captain Silya Magnana: I’m not happy about losing. I don’t think our game was very good today. The China players spike higher and faster and it’s very difficult for us. I hope we will get better. 

Algeria coach Henni Abdelhalim: We didn’t have much time to prepare for this competition and the players are younger, but we accept that. I don’t think we were better than yesterday. We know China played with a second team, but they spike higher and faster than us. It’s not what we’re used to in Africa where the game is more physical, so it’s hard for us to adapt to this. On the positive side, we had good reception in the first two sets, so maybe that’s a good sign for the future. 


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