China coach Lang salutes players for championship efforts


Nagoya, Japan, September 6, 2015 - China beat Japan 3-1 in the final match to win the 2015 World Cup on Sunday and China coach Jenny Lang Ping paid tribute to her players for their championship efforts.

China coach Jenny Lang Ping: I want to congratulate the players. We won together - the coaches and staff. Gratitude is the key word. Everybody had to join together to make this happen. We had great support from the Sports Association in China which gave us a good foundation. We can still draw more out of this team. When I took over I told everyone they had to understand world-level volleyball. I instructed them on how to play against that level and brought in new players. I could feel the impassioned feeling fans here have for volleyball. We hope to play Japan in the Olympics.

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe: Today was the last game. At the pre-match meeting I told the team we wanted to end with a win. I think it came down to a lack of our ability. We suffered a lot of blocks. That is our biggest challenge to overcome.

China captain Zeng Chuniei: I'm very happy to have won. It was a tough game today. There were ups and downs like a wave. It was a great experience for our young players. We will reflect on this victory.

China player Zhu Ting: Halfway through the match we had a tough time. But we became one and were able to grab a win. As an ace when the team is in difficulty I have to do more. I also have to help the other players.

China player Yuan Xinyue: At the end we won, so I am happy. This will be a great encouragement to our young players. This game showed we still need to improve.

Japan captain Saori Kimura: Today we wanted to end the competition with a win, but it didn't go that way. However, what we have practised we were able to do. What I felt strongest against the strong teams was how many strong-willed players there were on the court.

Japan player Sarina Koga: It ended today and we wanted it to end with a win. I am happy I could play with this team.

Japan player Haruka Miyashita: We could not win. This loss will help us with the Olympic Qualifying Tournament next year. So we will prepare for that. I think we have to have a wholesale review of our attack.


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