Teams relaxed and ready for action in Okayama


China got a warm reception at Okayama Station on Friday

Okayama, Japan, August 29, 2015 – The FIVB Women’s World Cup will continue in Okayama (and Sendai) on Sunday and ahead of the action a press conference was held at the team hotel in Okayama.

Argentina coach Guillermo Orduna: We have come this far and achieved our goal, but the condition of our team is not stable yet. So we’d like to keep trying to maximise what we can do. Okayama has extended warm hospitality to us and we find it very comfortable here, so I think my team is ready for our matches.

Algeria coach Henni Abdelhalim: We hope to start the competition in Okayama in the best condition. For our team, it’s very important after playing five matches in Matsumoto not to have any injured players. After training yesterday and today, I think the players are in good condition. For us, it’s important to play against different teams from different continents with different playing styles, and we hope our game will get better day by day.

Kenya coach David Lungaho: I think our team is coming to this phase of the competition wanting to prove a point, knowing we didn’t play very well in Tokyo. But we’re happy because in each game we were coming with our heads high having done our best. We’ve had two days rest after playing five matches so we want to play with a lot of confidence. We know it’s going to be tough for us but we want to take the positives from each match. For us, it’s important to play better against each team and more especially the top teams. We will see what happens, but I know that when we play very good volleyball we enjoy it and the biggest thing in our country is to enjoy doing what we like doing. 

USA coach Karch Kiraly: We are excited to be here and continue the competition in the World Cup. Our goal is to play the next point as hard and as smart as we can. Our condition is well rested after two days away from the competition. Our results are OK right now. It’s a very long tournament and we’re trying to get better every day.

Cuba coach Roberto Garcia: Coming to Okayama, we’d like to get more experience and through the matches here we would like to make the team stronger. We had five matches in Tokyo and in each match, we’ve been getting better.

China coach Lang Ping: We’re very happy to be here in Okayama. We have new players in our team so our hope is that they will make further, significant steps in their development. We had our first practice today and the condition of the team is very good.


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