Serbia begin World Cup campaign against China


·    Serbia and China will meet for the second time at the World Cup. In 2011, China won 3-1 in a year that saw them finish third in the overall standings and qualify for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
·    Serbia eventually also made it to the Olympics through a third place finish in the 2012 FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament. At those 2012 Olympic Games, Serbia and China again met with China again winning 3-1 (preliminary round).   
·    The teams most recently played each other in a major competition in 2014, as Serbia beat China 3-2 in the World Grand Prix.


·    Serbia will partake in the World Cup for the third time, after a fifth place finish in 2007 and a seventh place in 2011.
·    In 2011, Serbia ended their World Cup campaign with back-to-back straight set wins against Argentina and Algeria. They can now win three in a row in straight sets for the second time in team history, after such a streak in 2007 against Dominican Republic, Kenya and Peru.
·    Serbia have played six World Cup matches against AVC teams, winning the first five before losing to forthcoming opponents China in 2011.

·    China have won the World Cup three times (1981, 1985, 2003) and are one more tournament victory away of equalling Cuba's record four wins.
·    China have won seven medals of any colour in the World Cup (G3-S1-B3), more than any other team. Cuba (G4-S2) and Russia (incl. Soviet Union, G1-S2-B3) follow with six medals each.
·    China have qualified for the Olympic Games three times via the World Cup: for the 1996, 2004 and 2012 Olympic Games. Only United States and Brazil (both four) have qualified for the Olympics through the World Cup on more occasions.


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