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Sendai is a city with a population of one million and is the political and economic center of Japan’s Tohoku (northeast) Region.

It is known throughout Japan as a modern city which is in harmony with nature with the Hirose River running through central Sendai, and is called the “City of Trees” on account of the Zelkova trees that line the central city. Long an educational center, Sendai is home to Tohoku University and other institutions.

The city is no stranger to international volleyball tournaments, having hosted the final round of the FIVB World Grand Prix in 2005 and matches of the preliminary round in 2013.


Venue: Sendai Gymnasium

The Sendai Gymnasium is an indoor sporting arena located in Sendai, Miyagi and was the venue for the final round of the World Grand Prix in 2005. It has also hosted preliminary round games for the Basketball World Championship 2006, and is the home arena of the Sendai 89ers of the Japan professional basketball BJ League. In 2006 the gymnasium hosted the opening rounds of the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup international team badminton tournaments.


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